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Adobe Illustrator v Instagram


“Twitter does its best work in the first five minutes after a disaster, and its worst in the twelve hours after that.” - @rolldiggity

There is a quiet that descends in a newsroom when a big story breaks.

Forget the Hollywood clichés of cigar-chewing editors shouting…

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Instagram for Android! (Taken with instagram)

Lotus Flower - Radiohead

Allergy advice: Eggs contain egg.

How to solve a Sudoku in 5 easy steps:

1. Open Google Goggles v1.3 app

2. Take a snap of the Sudoku puzzle

3. Tap on “Sudoku puzzle”

4. Tap on “Solve”

5. Turn to friend/colleague and smugly ask “aren’t you done yet?”

Facebook Map of the World

Paul Butler, Facebook employee, maps the world according to Facebook social interactions. Each line represents Facebook friendships between cities. The brighter the line, the more interactions between cities.

It’s amazing how detailed the map is without drawing any coastlines or borders onto the map.

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